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ARS Electronica - Futurelab Academy 2014

2014's Academy was offered to a broad range of Creative Industries and Science and Engineering honours and undergraduate students.

The Ars Electronica Futurelab aims to build projects around identified key global challenges, from the conceptual framework to the development of hardware and software elements. Through the Academy students gained access to important networks of professional institutions and individuals and made connections with an elite global network of practitioners. QUT students who were involved in the ARS Electronica Futurelab Academy will graduate with the professional networks, skills, passion and ambition required to become global leaders at the intersection of Technology, Science, Design and the Arts.

Three projects were chosen for presentation at the ARS Electronica Festival:

1. Planets is a participatory performance that explores relationships between people, places and objects. Members of the public are invited to join in the performance, led by a contemporary dance practitioner. Onlookers can observe the spectacle of light created by the participants as they ripple and pulse across urban landscapes. Planets is both a personal and public experience, asking participants to consider their role in the society and environment that they orbit.

2. Squaretalk explores collective action and the sharing of personal experiences. This intimate installation of lanterns, created in public workshops, captures personal responses to the question: 'What does it take to change?’ Each recorded response is held within a lantern, which is activated by the audience as they explore the space.The installation includesa whispering soundscape that plays as the lanternscome alight. By activating the installation and soundscape, participants are rewarded for their collaborative action- working together to transform the space.

3. Co-Lab is a project inspired by the idea of change through collaboration. Through playful engagement with conductive elements, the audience is able to explore mathematical patterns that are personified through sound. This installation explores human connectivity through touch and social interaction. Co-Lab responds to audience inputs in real-timecreating a dynamic electronic soundscape.

QUT was again involved in Bienenstock, setup for QUT students attending the Festival. Bienenstock (Bee Hive) is an artistic experiment to treating the actuality of the ARS Electronica Festival. It is built on the foundation of dissatisfaction toward traditional documentary approaches, a fascination with readily available subjective video apparatus and the growing online trend of Life‐Logging and immediate AV expressionism.

View the ARS Electronica Futurelab Academy Blog for more information about individual projects and the Festival. This blog is maintained by an ARS Electronica - Futurelab Academy member, in collaboration with The Cube.

play button ARS Electronica - Futurelab Academy 2014 video [3:58 vimeo]

The 2014 Academy was run by Dr Jared Donovan (Lecturer in Interactive Design) and Lubi Thomas (Senior Curator Digital Media).

Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy is supported by:
SGI Australia
QUT Learning and Teaching and QUT
International Development Office Mobility Fund