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physics playroom on the cube screens

Physics Playroom

The Physics Playroom is a game-like environment where people of all ages can engage in learning about physics. Tapping into our desire to construct and to deconstruct, the playroom is a space where people can come together to build (and destroy) each other's creations in fun and engaging physics simulations.

Based on QUT's first-year physics and game programming courses, the playroom is a collaborative space for kids of all ages, with a large display 'wall' capable of supporting hundreds of simultaneous user interactions.

Objects in the playroom can easily be found in any child's bedroom - from blocks, to wooden horses and trains. Each of the objects is characterised by real-world properties, such as mass and friction. Additionally, the state of the room as a whole is governed by the laws of physics such as gravity and wind velocity.

Users interact with the objects in ways that allow experimentation with classical mechanics, fluid motion as well as sound, colour and light.