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Chem World

Chem World provides an inspiring and hands-on experience of chemistry and its fundamentals. This project allows students to conduct virtual chemistry experiments too dangerous or difficult to run in a classroom.

Chem World contains three interactive experiments - Fireworks, Rocket launch and Macro-Micro.

  • The Fireworks experiment produces a spectacular virtual firework display to learn why some chemical elements produce colour and discover the 'fingerprints' of elements.
  • The Rocket launch is a multi-user platform and allows for up to 10 players to compete and launch their rockets into orbit. Explore how fuels produce energy and compare different fuel types to obtain the highest altitude score.
  • Macro-Micro shows how water behaves on a molecular level and what happens when substances are added, in order to learn about solubility and what makes some things dissolve in water when others do not.

Chem World also includes a periodic table with crowdsourced content moderated by professional chemists, and artworks created by students, to allow users to discover a broad range of information about chemical elements, their reactions, properties, structures and histories.

Chem World was launched in conjunction with National Science Week at QUT.

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Chem World was developed in partnership with teachers, students, researchers and academics and links directly to the new Australian curriculum for chemistry.