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When scientists are asked what inspired them to become experts in their fields, one of the most common answers is science fiction.

Whether it’s space travel TV dramas like Star Trek, the speculative SciFi stories of Ray Bradbury and H.G. Wells, or any number of comic books, movies or games - the power of science fiction to ignite the mind and inspire creativity is undeniable. Science fiction imagines future worlds and warns us of the wonders and dangers of fantastical machines.

Australia Council for the Arts Digital Writing Resident, Jason Nelson, and programmer Matthew Horton, extend this literary genre to the dynamic, interactive, two-storey space of The Cube, creating one of the world’s first speculative fiction games for large touchscreen displays.

The story is simple at first. A private investigator and amateur scientist unexpectedly receive a box of redacted government documents, video clips and patents for unusual machines and processes.

This is where you come in. In order to uncover the details behind a secret government program exploring a range of alien, supernatural and highly advanced technologies, you must solve each of the Cryptext’s levels.

If you are successful, you will be rewarded with a video clip explaining the experiments and secret government science programs, and can move on to the next level.

Jason and Matt’s Cyptext combines the wonderment and intrigue of game-based science fiction with the awe and interactive power of The Cube.

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