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A university for the real world

Dino Zoo

Ever wanted to meet a dinosaur? Dino Zoo at The Cube is the closest you can get to the real thing – minus the danger of being eaten! Our life-sized dinosaurs are the most scientifically accurate portrayals of these creatures in the world. And, thanks to artificial intelligence, our dinosaurs will even behave like the real thing, based on a set of behavioural parameters for each species.

The Cube team has partnered with Queensland Museum's renowned paleontologist Dr Scott Hocknull to recreate these hyper-realistic, prehistoric reptiles and their environment, all backed by the latest research.

Dino Zoo includes digital activities, an archaeological dig simulator, an interactive Earth timeline and more. A series of related STEM workshops will also be offered for visiting high school students.

Please note: A life-sized dinosaur isn't cuddly or friendly. While the experience can be a lot of fun, some children might need the comfort of a brave adult ranger to ensure a positive experience. Children under 12 must be supervised at all times.

triangular play button icon Dino Zoo at QUT [1:20 QUTube]
triangular play button icon The making of Dino Zoo [7:15 opens in facebook]
triangular play button icon Jurassic genius: digital zoo shows the real world of dinosaurs