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3d codeabot vehicular robots on the cube screens


Allow your creativity to run wild with Nomencluster. Designed by The Cube's Australia Council for the Arts (OzCo) Digital Writing Resident, Jason Nelson, with the help of programmer Matthew Horton, Nomencluster is a highly interactive digital artwork and poem that explores the space as a drawing and creative play environment.

Instead of drawing with lines, Nomencluster allows you to create your own designs with insects, 19th century engineering engravings, food chemistry, and a continual stream of poetic texts and interactive writing.

Jason and Matt wanted to transform The Cube into a dynamic artwork, a space where hand movements - the swipes and presses - across the screens would create truly beautiful collages of poetry, image and design. And, by fascinating us with the beauty of machines, the complexity of insects and the mystery of food and chemistry, they expand how we understand the poetry of science.

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