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soul of the cube  on the cube screens

Soul of The Cube

Be sure to keep an eye out to catch a glimpse of the elusive Soul of the Cube (SOTC) when the screens of The Cube change from one program to the next.

SOTC is an upgrade to The Cube’s operating system allowing the environment to gracefully transition between projects. This upgrade allows for more dynamic scheduling of content and greatly reduces the turnaround time between viewable content. The Soul looks like a large active intelligence, full of evolving computations of live data feeds from the Science and Engineering Centre, and other areas of QUT. Some of the live data utilised for the Soul includes solar energy creation, building power consumption, and data from research papers at the QUT Library.

If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Soul, make sure you touch the screens to feed it. Small morsels will take shape around your touch, and the Soul will extend tendrils down to collect your gift.

As the data changes, the Soul changes as well. Beware, it can get a bit moody!

The SOTC project was a collaboration between the ARS Electronica Futurelab, The Cube Studio, the ePrints Team: QUT Library and ViseR: QUT Insitute of Future Environments.