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The Cube will be closed from Monday 10 December 2018 and will re-open on Friday 4 January 2019

Projects currently screening on The Cube

australian army officer playing with a kangaroo

The Invincible Spirit of Queenslanders

Eagle landscape by William Robinson

Nature imagined

robot trucks sorting recycling


dinosaur 3d model

Dino Zoo

wide shot of cube main screen showing the virtual reef

Virtual Reef


Physics Observatory

chemical elements and rockets

Chem World

plasma wall text logo

Plasma Wall

The Retro Arcade

The Retro Arcade

electrical sparks on dark background

Soul of the Cube

the earth in space

The Cube Globe

nomencluster onscreen


cryptext onscreen


Robot University

Upcoming projects

digital flower

Digital Garden

Archived projects

people using the cube's touchscreens

Data Wall

echo by Georgie Pinn for the cube screens



Physics Playroom

finger pointing to touch screen

Long Time, No See?

iCO2 onscreen


ecos onscreen


Lauren McCarthy project on cube screen

Lauren McCarthy

Science and Engineering Centre building site

SEC Timelapse

cubit onscreen