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Science workshops

Rockets 101 (Year 7-9)
Students investigate the relationships between force, mass, thrust, speed and different fuel combinations in order to launch the highest rocket.

Sorting 'saurs (Year 7-9)
Students interact with hyper-realistic life-size dinosaurs in our Dino Zoo to learn about classification of dinosaurs.

Create a solar system (Year 9-10)
Students use AstroGrav software to create a new solar system, applying understandings of astrophysics and technology learned in the workshop.

Understanding space-time and general relativity (Year 9-10)
This workshop will introduce the concepts of gravity, kinematics and relativity and how they can be applied to better understand the universe.

Exoplanets: the hunt for new worlds (Year 11-12)
In this exciting and thought-provoking workshop, students discover a real exoplanet and take the first steps to discovering life on other planets.

Thermochemistry and rockets (Year 11-12)
Students launch virtual rockets on The Cube and analyse the chemistry involved in launching a rocket into space.