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Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson of T3D Studios

Image courtesy of Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

The Cube 2019 Artist-in-residence

Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson of T3D Studios have been selected as The Cube's 2019 Artists-in-residence.

Their project will explore the impact of human activity on the earth's geology and ecosystems. Based in Tasmania, their multi-disciplinary partnership combines contemporary technologies with traditional arts practices to create site specific artworks. With each artwork they explore the human relationship to the built environment, creating solutions that transform space, identity and communities. They have successfully installed site specific public artworks for a variety of government departments and facilities. They aim to inspire future generations and allow the public to engage with and contemplate art outside the gallery environment.

The Cube's 2019 Artist-in-residence will commence in September and finish in November 2019.

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Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay of T3D Studios Amanda works as a contemporary artist, using modern and traditional techniques. Applying abstract representation and conceptual thinking to convey simple yet deep connections with herself and the world around her. Amanda asks the viewer to contemplate through feeling, with the use of colour, construction and composition.

Jerome Dobinson

Jerome Dobinson of T3D Studios Jerome specialises in public art installation, contemporary art, identity branding and graphic design. Jerome and Amanda are Co-Directors of T3D Design, and Jerome's deepest passions lie in painting, drawing and design. His style and subject matter are heavily influenced by computer technologies and processes not normally associated with the act of making art and serve as a vehicle to explore the role of painting and fine art in contemporary culture.