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infant interacting with monica's buildacode installation

Mónica Rikić

Mónica Rikić has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Barcelona and a Masters in Digital Arts from the Pompeu Fabra University. She focuses her work in programming and other interactive techniques such as microcontrollers and image recognition. She has participated in many exhibitions and art festivals including SonarKids, FILE, TEI'13 and Ars Electronica.

Mónica Rikić engaged in a nine week residency at The Cube as part of Move On: European Media Artists in Residence Exchange from July to September 2014.

Mónica developed a new iteration Buildacode – Tangible Sound Programming, based on her previous work Buildasound, which provides users the opportunity to construct their own musical event through creative play. Buildacode is an experimental tool for sound programming, which seeks the integration of object's manipulation into a visual programming environment for real-time sound creation. It is made out of 24 foam cubes of 25cm3 each. By building different figures and shapes with them, you construct different sounds and compositions. View the final project.

Throughout her residency, Mónica presented a range of public programs with JumpstART (Kelvin Grove State College partnership) and the QUT creative community.

Move On – New Media Art from Australia, Canada and Europe / EMARE Australia Canada is supported by the Culture 2013 program of the European Commission and the Goethe-Institut.