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georgie pinn


Georgie Pinn developed an immersive, interactive project that uses facial tracking technology, animation and sound to explore notions of empathy and shared identity. The installation was a virtual mirror, investigating myopic self-obsessed tendencies and used a new emotive language that connected a diverse group of people.

Participants had the option to share their face on Foto Echo's Facebook page.

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ECHO (Empathy and narrative)   [Vimeo 2:14]

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Facial recognition technology encourages empathy through art

The minds of men are mirrors to one another, not only because they reflect each other's emotions, but also because this rays of passions, sentiments and opinions may be often reverberated and may decay away by insensible degrees

David Hume


Georgie Pinn is a multimedia artist who has been flexing her skills across Europe and Australia for over 17 years. Some of her audio visual projects include holographic ghosts for a Hamlet production, interactive animation/dance events for Federation Square and directing and editing music videos for bands such as Regurgitator. In the last 7 years she has been developing a range of interactive motion triggered animation/sound projects. Take a look at Georgie Pinn REEL 2016.