Accelerate your STEM Future with the Young Accelerators

2 July 2020

From July 1 2020 QUT’s award-winning STEM for Schools program will be evolving into the Young Accelerators program.

Inspired by QUT’s Blueprint 6 which aims to support creativity and entrepreneurship alongside sciences, technology and innovation, the newly named Young Accelerators program will help inspire the next generation of innovators by combining creativity and entrepreneurship with STEM. 

Young Accelerators will still have a strong focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with events, workshops and program activities also now embedding elements of creativity and entrepreneurship to ensure our participants are truly future-ready. 

What this means for you: 

Teachers booking workshops

We have been working hard over the past 3 months updating workshop content to include elements of creativity and entrepreneurship while retaining important STEM curriculum links. These are small changes to our very popular workshops, with big outcomes. For example, in the Young Accelerators version of Clean energy: wind power students not only look at the engineering and environmental science aspects of renewable energy production but by applying an entrepreneurial mindset embed these renewable technologies into an existing community.  

Teachers participating in Professional Development

The Young Accelerators program has expanded our reach working with additional QUT areas such as Creative Industries and QUT Entrepreneurship. These partnerships give us access to a wider range of resources to create meaningful and impactful STEM professional development sessions. 

Teachers or Parents seeking resources

With the launch of Young Accelerators also comes the exciting new STEM Learning Hub. The recent need for quality online resources has fast-tracked our development of resources for parents looking for additional ways to support their children’s learning and the desire of students to explore further learning opportunities. We believe parents and teachers will continue to seek out these resources and the STEM Learning Hub brings a wide range of learning tools together in one place for teachers, students, and parents. Types of resources available include:  

  • Teachers Professional Development recorded sessions 

  • Meet the Researcher videos to engage students in research career exploration 

  • videos for students to help them with academic skills, transitioning to university, or career choices in STEM.  

  • Printable downloads and curriculum-linked activities to inspire teachers or to use directly in the classroom. 

We will continually add to the STEM Learning Hub throughout the year. 

Students attending signature events

The Young Accelerators program will continue to host two signature events annually: High School Research Internships and STEM Camp. Additions to placement and project content will be expanded as the new areas of creativity and entrepreneurship in STEM provide new opportunities. We are excited where this could take the event themes over the coming years.  


We encourage your feedback and interest in our program so please feel free to reach out to us at our new email Your subscription remains the same and don’t worry if you accidentally email our old address as it will redirect!