Physics Observatory

Physics Observatory is a game-like environment where people of all ages can engage in learning about physics. Imagine throwing a wooden block while on the Moon's gravity and then observing the difference when you throw one on the Sun, which is only one of the many discoveries you can make in the safety of the Physics Observatory. This project encourages exploration as you interact with, and observe, different elements and how they can be affected by their environment.

As you explore the Physics Observatory you will learn about key historical figures, their experiments, and be able to play through different scenarios to discover key principles of physics. Get zapped by a Tesla coil, change the gravity in the environment, drop weights from a great height and even find out how long light takes to travel across the Solar System.

Physics Observatory builds on one of The Cube's first screen projects Physics Playroom, and has a stronger alignment to the STEM national curriculum.

Visitor resource

Physics Observatory Visitor Resource (PDF file, 296.5 KB)

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Release date

17 September 2016